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Cristian Castellari

Introduce myself will be here.

My Career

Novomatic Italia Services

Coordinatore Office Automation Systems

Gen 2017 - Presente
Coordinatore Office Automation Systems

Novomatic Italia Services

I worked at Company B ...

Gen 2015
Referente Office Automation


I worked at Company C ...

Gen 2006
Responsabile IT

My Skills

My Projects

Kace SMA Tools

Useful scripts and ideas for Quest Kace Systems Management Appliace (K1000).

K1000 Database Queries

A collection of MySQL queries for the Dell KACE K1000 appliance.

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This website on Github

This project is my project. I use javescript to get repo's information all my repos have only one request.

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La Traduzione di Morrowind

La traduzione in Italiano di Morrowind, Tribunal e Bloodmoon - A cura dell'ITP

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